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Big rain

The Alliance Française cancelled their monthly culture night tomorrow beacause, they said, there was heavy rain forecast this week. It seemed a bit of a rubbish reason – this is an event that takes place indoors – but this could be some serious precipitation, the start of the rainy season at last. Hopefully, people are a little more cautious since the floods last December killed over 50 people in Dar, and will be more prepared this time.  The meteorological agency’s very official warning letter published on their website should at least convince those civil-servant types infuriatingly obssessed with formalities – the kind of people who have been driving me mad the past weeks – that this is for real.



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Rainy season, and far-off fears

Stuck in traffic, but it could be worse

E-mail from the Irish embassy a few hours ago: “Please note that there is a Tsunami warning in place on the Indian Ocean following earthquake this a.m. in Indonesia. Please monitor local radio and tv stations for up to date reports.”

By now the warning seems to have been lifted. For a brief afternoon though, we wondered if and when the tsunami would reach the East African coast. I started worrying about friends on Zanzibar. The rains that came down relentlessly for most of today – rainy season has finally got underway – seemed to warn of more frightening floods to come. We were sent home early from class because everyone realised how hard it would be to get home; meetings and gym classes this evening were cancelled; remembering the December floods in Dar es Salaam that killed over 50 people and destroyed numerous homes and offices, people began packing up valuables. Continue reading

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Wet again

Floods are becoming a bit of a theme. After the sudden burst pipe in my bathroom, the (still) mysteriously flooding shower, and the dripping air conditioning in my office, now, at 3am when I finally got my stuff packed and am ready for a snooze before I go on my Big Adventure that starts in an hour and a half with a 16-hour bus trip, I discover the leak in my bedroom ceiling. I’m on the top floor, so no neighbours to blame; it hasn’t rained in ages. How long before the plaster disintegrates and the rats come down to say hi? How to stem the flow until sometime tomorrow when – hopefully – the landlord can come round for yet another DIY session with some of his fairly useless fundis (workmen)? Supposedly you’re meant to poke a hole in the ceiling to limit the damage but… I’m not too keen on seeing what else comes down along with the excess water.

I hope I don’t curse the boat I take on Thursday with this flooding thing.

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