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A great Euro-African affair

It ended quietly, with just a relieved scattering of applause. By the time the first meeting of the Africa-Europe Youth Platform finished, the other rooms in the AU Commission building had long been deserted, its 20 floors of offices long since emptied. We came and we went; and not many people knew what it was really about, if they knew we’d been in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at all.

And what had we agreed on? A minimal set of guidelines, an idea of what needed to be done in the next months – and not much more, in the end.

For two days, some 30 of us, representing youth organisations from Europe and Africa, got together with the idea of creating a new structure that would help youth organisations from the two continents work together and represent the combined voice of European and African youth in global policy-making. Continue reading

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Addis in blue

I left Addis Ababa thinking of the untaken photographs, the ones I was too slow or too shy to capture. Huge cuts of bloody meat hanging in tiny butcher’s kiosk; make-shift shoe-shine stalls; white-cotton-veiled women quietly waiting for church gates to open; the strangely orderly queue for a bus in the chaotic market district; the naked body of a man – unconcious, drunk or sleeping – lying at the roadside; goats being herded across a 4-lane highway in the city centre at rush hour.

Here are a few of the pictures I did get (more over on flickr). Continue reading

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