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Images of Mkuranga/Rufiji

Two districts south of Dar es Salaam that are among the poorest in Tanzania; some villages have no road access, just a very bumpy dirt pathway through the bush.

The old guys in the photo below had been watching us going about our business, and as we were about to leave the village, asked why no one was taking pictures of them. I was happy – old people are generally really suspicious of cameras. The guy on the right said he is about 70, and apparently he is the son-in-law of the guy on the left. Bearing in mind that life expectancy here is 50-something, that makes them old. They asked for copies of the pictures; I’ll try to send some with my colleague when he next visits them.

(More photos soon on flickr.)

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Not planning ahead

Typing by candlelight is a novelty this evening, but if the power cuts or electricity rationing – not sure yet which one this is – become as frequent as they apparently were before I arrived, it’ll get a bit tedious. There are often brief blackouts during the day, but at the office we have a generator that kicks in with a groan to keep our PCs and air conditioning running. At home, with no generator, I’m anxiously willing my one candle to burn slowly: at least give me another few hours?

What’s irritating on a personal level (not being able to wash my hair, turn on the fan, boil water, etc.) translates on a national scale into one of the major obstacles – along with inflation and fuel and food prices – to economic growth. Continue reading

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