Zero to hero

On day one, these people had literally never held a camera before. When we talked, at some point, about what they’d learned, one answer was: now I know that I can hold the camera like that [landscape format] or like that [portrait format]. Another: I know now that if the camera is further away, the objects look smaller.

By day four, two of them went out and – within one hour – came back with this (originally 15 mins of footage – I edited it down to 5):

Yes, the camera is shaky, and the sound isn’t great (though that’s more a limitation of using a basic point and shoot camera than anything else). But what makes it so good is: they chose a great subject (honestly, not my idea), they found and convinced a resident to talk to them at length (not easy when people here often ask for money) – and to walk through the dump with them, they spoke to several sources, they got close-up shots, they considered different angles of the subject (environment, health, safety, the vultures…), and they came back with all of this in just one hour. Brilliant.


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One thought on “Zero to hero

  1. […] I’m not sure how far we’ll get; I guess it depends on how interested they are. Then again, the group in Dandora had literally never held a camera before, and they conquered the notorious rubbish dump. […]

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