New Vision and the Thieves

_NewVision of the Thieves

There’s a whole story behind this photo that I don’t have, but what I do know is: this is the Local Council, a one-room building not far from Kazo Playground. The guy sitting down is the ‘Defence’.  The two young men being photographed, by a New Vision journalist, have been taken in (arrested?); their shirts are tied together. At first, I was told they were thieves. Later, someone said they were homeless and caught squatting.I never found out what they really did.

At first, the ‘criminals’ were sitting on the floor, in silence. It was one of those pictures you really, really want to get but are too scared to take.

Of course, when I finally asked, no one objected. In fact, they tried to line the two guys up, specially for the mzungu and her camera, which felt pretty uncomfortable, of course. I waited till the journalist came.

Meanwhile, Mr Defence asked me, several times, if I would take his daughter home to Europe with me. That rather put me off asking more questions about what was actually going on.

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