I for Inventive

WATER (1)The P3 class needed a bit more structure, so we started working on a photographic alphabet. This has had the advantage of the kids realising that what they see and try to capture isn’t necessarily what others see in the photo (I for ‘insect’ was a difficult one – bugs aren’t great at being visible; and ‘inside’ wasn’t so obvious either). It also taught them (maybe) to try to focus and frame in one the object they are portraying rather than letting it be lost in a sea of other stuff. And lastly, it’ll leave them with something tangible – we’ll print out the best ones and display them in the classroom – that everyone has contributed to.

Of course, we had the same tussles over who gets to hold the camera, and people disappearing for way longer than they’re meant to. Some very blurry photos came back, and some letters didn’t inspire much inspiration (X for xylophone…).

But there were a few gems. My absolute favourite is W for Water, above, closely followed by S for Sad, and J for Jug.  I wish I had more time with these kids.

SAD (2)

JUG (2)



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