P3 pictures

Lesson two with the Primary 3 class this morning (postponed from Wednesday, when I was summoned to film ‘baby class’ dancing for the soon-to-be-released music video – more on that soon).

Often, the kids didn’t remember who took what pictures and my system for allocating cameras each time is a bit haphazard – here are some I was able to credit with (hopefully) the right names.

DSCF4689-by Jonathan

Photo by Jonathan

Photo by Rose

Preparing school lunch – Photo by Rose

P1000753-by Nanambasa

Photo by Nanambasa

DSCF4687-by Joseph

Photo by Joseph

I paired them up by age this time, which seemed to work better in a group that ranges from 7-11 years old. I also split the group in two, with an inside activity looking at photos, and an outside activity with the cameras – which allowed one per child, and helped to avoid the arguments caused by sharing.

That worked quite well; the ones inside were intrigued enough by my magazine photos and the quiz I’d prepared to keep them busy while the others got to take photos. Less successful was my attempt to explore taking pictures from different angles. Clearly my explanation of bird’s eye / worm’s eye (or snake’s eye, we agreed on) point of view wasn’t that clear, as half the class returned with pictures of something that looked like a snake. Inventive, in any case.


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