Edit suite

Edit suiteThe guys are getting into editing, even if we still haven’t been able to find a desk, never mind a room. In the meantime, I started teaching the primary 3 class (7-10 years old).

It’s quite weird working with people who have never actually held a camera before (lesson number one: on/off button), and kind of special when you hear the “wow” that comes out when they see something through the viewfinder for the first time. Kids – these ones, at least – are not too bothered about seeing what they’ve actually photographed, so we haven’t learned that part yet; just being the one to press the button seems to be enough. The teacher’s role, I guess, is to encourage them to experiment and be creative, while somehow making sure the cameras are returned in one piece. That’s just for now, though. I did come home with dozens of pictures of my tummy –but I have high expectations for these little people.

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