Beautiful game


Barefoot works best for this goalie

In the middle of Kazo there’s a bare expanse of land, next to the market and just before the bus stand, known as the playground. Every day a different assortment of bright-coloured school uniforms populates the grounds for P.E. class. Yesterday, it hosted the semifinal of the first ever UYWEFA cup.

UYWEFA set up the education centre I’m based at, and the football tournament is its latest venture. A condition of joining a team is to be working, so that there are teams of butchers, market-sellers, taxi drivers, teachers, and different groups of boda-boda (motorbike) drivers. Yesterday’s match saw the Butchers edge ahead with a 1-0 victory over the Tomato-sellers. My camera didn’t cope too well in the afternoon sun, nor had I come prepared for filming a 90-minute match plus interviews at half and full-time; luckily, one of the students was keen enough to help out (at least he got plenty of practice in panning left to right). And on the plus side (perhaps?), the commentator – whose shrieks carried across the pitch via the P.A. system – mentioned my name about six times, an introduction that might smooth over any future filming attempts around town.

Next Saturday is the second semi-final, and the following week the final. We have big plans now to deploy some students with second and third cameras at either end of the pitch, though I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of it. I’d better get it sorted though, since it looks like it’ll be taken pretty seriously. Yesterday’s game ended with a scuffle and a few injuries after the final whistle. Don’t mess with tomato traders.

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