Fashion on the farm

Spice farm style

Trying not to write another blog post about crime in this city, because I’m sick of hearing about it, talking about it, even dreaming about it. So maybe: something about the absurdity of days here? A morning struggling through the thick knots of desparate, angry young men in the city centre – taxi drivers that nearly start a fight to get your custom, snarling market hawkers resentful of your rich white faces, opportunist thieves and their violent fists – and the same evening, finding yourself admiring the modern art and marble worktops of a four-bathroomed apartment with sea view and private gym.

I hate lazy travel writing that sums up a destination as a place of contrasts – you can always find them if you look – but I can’t get away from the disjointed reality of Tanzania sometimes. The conflicts can be depressing, but not always, and sometimes they make for great pictures (exhibit A: maasai using mobile phones). My latest favourite is of the country’s most stylish spice farmer, who no doubt got his stuff from the among the piles of second-hand clothes at some market. This guy lives in rural Zanzibar, one of Tanzania’s poorest regions, and helps out on spice tours for small tips, but still manages to work a pretty individual look – with a lot of confidence to boot.

More pictures of Zanzibar, etc. on my flickr page.

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