The maasai, the nun and me

Maasai: Are you married?

Me: No
Maasai (Looking at the nun, who’s translating for us): Are you a sister as well?
Me: Ha! No
Nun (explaining): I told him we aren’t married, he couldn’t understand why anyone would not marry…
Maasai: You want a maasai?
Me: Um, no thanks. (After discovering he already has a wife): Isn’t one wife enough?
Maasai: If you had only one hand, would that be enough?
Me: Um…


In a week where I’ve had a higher than average number of discussions about the pointlessness of aid, meeting the peopleĀ  – a diverse bunch: nuns, Muslims, graduates, teachers, mothers, etc. – who’ll be getting money through our microproject funding restored a little of my faith in the whole monstrous development sector.

Let’s see what these people actually do with the cash – I’m looking forward to seeing for myself when I visit some of them. And looking forward to more entertaining conversations.

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