Bottom of the class

Buying water at a cost from private vendors

Tanzania takes World Water Day – today, 22 March – to heart, and even celebrates a whole Maji (water) Week. Ironically, Dar es Salaam has been suffering from water shortages for two weeks now; for the last few days it has affected the wealthy neighbourhoods too. And for all the talk about doing something, this country is still in a bad, bad way.

There are statistics aplenty that I could quote – like the fact that 45%  of Tanzanians have no access to safe drinking water, that 26m people use unsanitary latrines and 5.4 million have no latrines at all. But the short story is that while the world celebrates meeting MDG water targets, Tanzania is way behind. In fact, reports the NGO Daraja, the only countries in the world that are doing worse on water and sanitation are either war-torn, or suffer from water scarcity.

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