Wet again

Floods are becoming a bit of a theme. After the sudden burst pipe in my bathroom, the (still) mysteriously flooding shower, and the dripping air conditioning in my office, now, at 3am when I finally got my stuff packed and am ready for a snooze before I go on my Big Adventure that starts in an hour and a half with a 16-hour bus trip, I discover the leak in my bedroom ceiling. I’m on the top floor, so no neighbours to blame; it hasn’t rained in ages. How long before the plaster disintegrates and the rats come down to say hi? How to stem the flow until sometime tomorrow when – hopefully – the landlord can come round for yet another DIY session with some of his fairly useless fundis (workmen)? Supposedly you’re meant to poke a hole in the ceiling to limit the damage but… I’m not too keen on seeing what else comes down along with the excess water.

I hope I don’t curse the boat I take on Thursday with this flooding thing.

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