God willing

The Swiss or Virgo part of me is struggling to adapt to the last minute, Mungu akipenda/Inshallah (if God wills it) uncertainty of making plans here. I’m trying to get to Zanzibar in a few hours for the Sauti za Busara festival but still don’t know if I can get ferry tickets nor if I’ll actually be let off the boat at the other side. Zanzibar belongs to the United Republic of Tanzania, but has semiautonomous status (electing its own president and parliament), meaning those arriving from the mainland need to show their passport. Unfortunately mine disappeared several weeks ago in a black hole of bureaucracy (Belgian embassy to Tanzanian foreign office to home office…) while I wait for a residence permit. Meanwhile, I’m trying to organise a trip to the north-west of Tanzania and Uganda for next week, but with nothing confirmed yet and no tickets bought, only Mungu/Allah knows if I’ll actually make it there.

That said, reservations don’t always make much difference. Advance hotel bookings seem to be easily forgotten – like last time we went to Zanzibar and found our rooms already occupied. Knowing what time your train or bus or boat leaves doesn’t ever mean you know what time you’ll arrive at the other end.

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