Insect Wars, contd.

I always lose in the battles against my ants, but I’m hoping the more I learn about them the better equipped I’ll be to beat them, one day.

Most recently I found swarms of the little bastards near the kitchen sink and finally realised what they were getting so excited about: an unopened packet of sugar I’d left out.  Salt, spices and teabags are of little interest, but a sniff of sweetness and they go into an ecstatic frenzy.  My fridge is getting a bit crammed now with pasta, bread, crackers etc., and I’ve actually developed a taste for chilled cereal – but having discovered these guys are so small they even get inside the fridge, I may have to move on to frozen cornflakes. Or an ice-cream diet.

Moaning about this the other day, a friend put things into (some) perspective. She lives in a house with no human guard (usual for any middle class home or office building), just 6 semi-wild dogs that are locked up all day and then let out to prowl and howl throughout the night, all night. “Ants?” she said. “They can crawl all over me, I don’t care… I’d rather have that than crazy dogs!”

I do have a new weapon, though. It instantly and satisfyingly drowns all living things, leaving a sticky trail of ant corpses along the wall. But though I kind of like the smell of the fumes – a bit like furniture polish back home – I haven’t quite got the courage to spray it into my food or onto my pillow.

Ants still in the lead, then.


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