A wet Christmas

So much for a Christmas in the sun – Dar es Salaam has been hit by torrential rains that are flooding river banks and sweeping away homes and non-tarmacked roads. The normally bad traffic situation is even worse; my colleagues left the office at 3 today to be sure that they’ll make it home tonight. Already, several deaths have been reported since yesterday, and as the rains continued this morning, the numbers are likely to go up.

My plans to go camping this weekend are looking a little less likely…

Update 23 December: The rains – the heaviest in 56 years – continued for several days and there are reports of between 15 and 20 deaths and almost 5000 displaced from their homes. The disaster has made it into the international media too.


One thought on “A wet Christmas

  1. […] the start of the rainy season at last. Hopefully, people are a little more cautious since the floods last December killed over 50 people in Dar, and will be more prepared this time.  The meteorological […]

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